Game on lures Big Occhi 7" - 13g Bass - Weedless - stickbait - Soft Needlefish

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The Big Occhi is a new, game-changing soft plastic lure, strategically engineered to cut the water while providing unparalleled action and a natural “live bait like” tail whip. The large body provides extra mass for long casts and the tapered “V” shape keeps it level as it cuts through the water column. The oversized eyes make the lure look more realistic and draws more attention for more frequent strikes. The Big Occhi is versatile and can be fished weighted or unweighted. The Big Occhi is an effective soft plastic bait for a wide variety of species applicable for both saltwater and freshwater. The Big Occhi is available in 7″ and 10″ lengths with multiple colors and pattern to choose from.

The 7" Occhi will Rig best on either a 6/0 or 7/0 Twistlock EWG hook

Qty Per Pack 5
Length 7"
Weight 13g
Made in China