Deps Deathadder 6" #08 White

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The series of Deathadder (in this case the version 6") has secured an incredible reputation over the years, constituting a new reference in the world of soft baits.

It should be mentioned that all variants of the Deathedder have a salt content in their body equal to 25%, furthermore the 6" version is impregnated with a mixture smelling of fish and crustaceans, specifically indicated for the sea fishing hunting for sea bass, gilthead bream and other.

The naturalness of the body and tail of the vibrations emitted by the very thin form an irresistible attraction to the bass, which swallow the Deathadder without hesitation.

The Deathadder is universally considered a new standard in its genre, it can be triggered in any way, No- Sinker, Texas, jighead, Shot Down, and as a trailer on a rubber jig was caught a bass over 7 kg, in addition to many other heavy weights.

The body line imitates the shape of the fish fodder, is characterized by a width, knurls and queue these to adapt to any type of trigger.

The material with which it is built the Deathadder integrates the 25 % salt in the compound, and allows the bait to be launched from a great distance without the use of weights.

Length 6"

Qty Per Pack 6