Gary Yamamoto 5.5" 14g Swim Senko (UK Exclusive)

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The 5.5" is the largest of the Swim Senko's and absolutely flies; it combines all the attributes of the classic Senko with a super soft paddle tail.
The swimming Senko can be fished both weightless on the surface or in the open water as well as the Jighead and Texas rig, probably the coolest things about a Swim Senko you just stop reeling, and suddenly it's transformed itself from a swimbait into a Senko.

Hook Choices

The 5.5" swim senko pairs up well with 4/0 & 5/0 Weighted or unweighted twist lock hooks.

The Swim Senko will also fish well on a jighead, we recommend Decoy bachi heads, Decoy violence & Xorus texas power.

Length: 5.5" ~ 139mm
Weight: 14 grams
Qty: 7 per pack
Buoyancy: Sinking
Added salt Yes
Flavouring: No
Made in: USA