HTO Nebula X8 Braid 150M (Fluoro Pink)

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Nebula X8 is made for the modern lure angler who demands the most durability from their Braid.

Woven from 8 strands of 100% UHMWPE fiber from one of the top producers in Japan Nebula X8 is an incredibly soft and supple but durable lure fishing Braid.

Incorporating UV protection to add resistance to sunlight and make Nebula X8 last longer than other braids.

Perfect for both spinning and baitcasting reels in both salt and fresh water.

100% UHMWPE from Japan
High breaking strain to diameter
Added UV protection
Made for modern lure fishing

Available on 150M spools

0.14mm - 0.8PE - 16lb
0.16mm - 1PE - 20lb
0.18mm - 1.2PE - 24lb