IMA Iborn 118F - 19g

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New from IMA for autumn 2019 is the Iborn 118F.

The super shallow lure i-BORN has evolved to be able to cast further.
■ Equipped with ima's original center-of-gravity movement system “MRD” that uses the repulsive force to force heavy weights back.
■ Equipped with "MRD system" to achieve both flight distance and quick action.
■ Super shallow performance with exquisite buoyancy and body balance
Center of gravity movement system "MRD" first equipping! iBORN 118F shallow appears.
The iBORN series is based on the concept of Minnow, who can retrieve a shallow no matter who throws it. It also supports large bait patterns, and an additional 118mm size lineup that expands the range of strategies is available. The center-of-gravity movement system "MRD", which realizes further flight distance and quick start-up, is the first lure equipping.

Brand - Ima
Type - Iborn 118F
Action - Tight wobble
Floating - Yes
Depth - 0-30cm
Length - 118mm
Weight - 19g
Hook - #3
Ring - 3
Casting distance - 80M
Origin - Japan