Ima iBorn 98F bass - Shallow - Sub Surface

£17.99 GBP On Sale

The IMA iBorn 98 Shallow is a slightly wider profiled, long casting, ultra shallow diving hard lure that really come alive when you put a touch more speed on the retrieve than you would with the IMA Komomo SF-125 for example. The iBorn loves to swim just below the surface with a very intense kind of wiggle, and we are really liking this lure for those shallow, rocky locations especially where a somewhat deeper diving lure could so easily snag up. It comes rigged with a couple of Owner ST-46 size 4 treble hooks, and this little bullet of a lure is 98mm long and weighs 13g. Rated to swim in the 0-20cms depth range. Another classic IMA ultra shallow diver in the making and we are out there looking for any excuses to fish with it.