Ima Jetty 135S - 26g

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The long-awaited release of the Jetty 135S is finally upon us! This high appealing minnow was designed to be used when large baitfish are present and active. Equipped with ima’s 'MRD' weight transfer system, it has a low center of gravity for extreme casting distances, flashy wobble n roll action, and a sinking performance that allows it to cover a wide range. These characteristics combined with the fact that it has multiple action capabilities have ima field testers stating the Jetty 135S will become the go-to lure for surf fishing.

Jetty 135S
[Length] 135mm [Weight]26g
[Type] Sinking
[Range] 50〜200cm
[Action] Wobbn’Roll
[Hook] #4
[Ring] #3
[Birthday] April 10, 2020