Ima Sasuke 140 Reppu 140mm 20g

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A seriously accomplished bass catcher that just eats up rougher conditions, the bigger brother to the Sasuke 120 is lethal. The IMA Sasuke 140 casts incredibly well into a head wind, and whilst we do love this lure when conditions get bouncy, don’t ignore it in a good run of current where its inherent stability helps it to swim so strongly with that stunning Sasuke sort of action. 140mm long, weighs 20g and comes rigged with three Owner ST-46 size 3 treble hooks, the Sasuke 140 is rated to swim in the 60-100cms range, although we like how you can get it up a little shallower if needs be - slow your retrieve down and get your rod tip up. Great stability in all kinds of sea states, and a size and profile that without doubt appeals to big bass, it’s an all time classic hard lure that we tend to feel a little naked going fishing without.