HTO Nebula SP 7'3" , 10-35g Casting - 100g Vertical

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New for 2019 are the Nebula SP range of rods. These are designed with a long tip and short butt section, which aids in both strength and sensitivity.

The Nebula SP 7'3" has been designed with boat fishing in mind, at 7'3 its a great length for throwing lighter lures around and then doubling up as a vertical rod. I have personally landed bass to 11lb, Pollack to 18lb and even a 30lb conger in 260' of water on this little weapon of a rod whilst testing the prototypes.

Brand - HTO
Model - Nebula SP
Length - 7'3"
Casting Rating - 10-35g
Vertical rating - 100g
Usage - Vertical/traction/casting
Sections - 2 Unequal
Weight - 142g

Please note when shipped these are classed as extra long items due to the long tip short butt section.