Palms Slow Blatt Cast Ups - 30g

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Shore slow dedicated jig series, slow blatt cast 5th is "up!". Polygonal body which adopted the small Z light metal body specific gravity than iron is characterized by "up!" Was to achieve a compact silhouette with a low specific gravity material. While a weight balance which arranged in almost center, outline to create a stable flight attitude. The action will attempt to aggressively raised with respect to the input. In addition polyhedron body and is exerting a turning performance in three dimensions. Range to appeal is also in the compact, and induce the bytes of the target in the overwhelming appeal. Actively promote specifications for use in shallow surf even in the high-weight model is the proposal of a new stage and further broaden the appeal of the Shore slow.

Make - Palms
Model - Slow Blatt Cast Up
Weight - 30g
Length - 78mm
Hooks - Pre Rigged with Decoy
Origin - Japan