Tenryu Bull Dog Puppy 7' 20-45g (Call to order)

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Many bass anglers these days have switched on to using small to medium sized shads and softies, with impressive results coming from all over the UK and Ireland. The Ultimate Fishing rod designers have come up with a rod here built exactly to suit the needs of anglers that like to cast softies such as the Xorus Sayori Shad, Savage gear Sandeel and Fiiish Black Minnow. The "Puppy" is the baby in the Bull Dog range, sensitive and light but capable of landing any bass in UK waters.

Using the right lures is very important, but just as important is using the right rod for the job. With rods like this that are designed specifically for the job in hand you will soon realise working the lure properly makes a massive difference between fishing and catching! Not only does the Puppy cast and work lures exactly how they are supposed to, you can also use this rod for vertical fishing from the boat with lures up to 100g!

Length 7'

Casting 20-45g

Vertical 100g

Rod Weight 175g

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