Tenryu Injection SP82M LCF (Call To Order)

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The SP82M Long Cast Finesse has been designed for the angler that needs a rod that will cast out small lures at distance, and still have the perfect action to work the lure how is needed.

Designed for working lures such as swim baits and small jig heads, the slightly softer mid section to tip allows the angler to work lures effortlessly.

This softer, yet steely tip section is combined with a more powerful than the original Injection SP73M butt section, which gives the angler a sensitive, long casting rod with masses of reserve power.

Ringed with the latest K-Series titanium Fuji guides, the SP82M LCF is a phenomenal rod that is destined to become very popular.

Length 8'2"
Weight 175g
Casting 8-30g