Tenryu Injection SP82MH (Call To Order)

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New for 2014, the SP82MH is an evolution of the extremely popular SP82M that was released last year. These long rods have opened up fishing areas where the angler needs total control. sensitivity and confidence. For using small shads for instance, the long cast range allows the angler to make beautiful sweeping rises of the lure, and the control to feel the shad slowly sink to the bottom again.

The SP82MH is a rod for the angler that knows he needs to step up to the next level, with the occasional big fish that needs to be suppressed and landed safely. The power of this rod will work bigger lures beautifully, and once into a fish it will control and tire any aggressive predator.

Although this rod is as good as it gets for working shads and softies at distance, it is still crisp and responsive enough to work all your diving and surface hard lures too. The progressive action is not soft and you will still be able to work your hard lures and metals exactly how you need to.

If you are looking for a serious Bass (or any large predator) rod then seriously consider the SP82MH.

Length 8'2

Casting 12-45g

Weight 167g

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