Xorus Asturie 110 New 2020 Colours

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The Asturie 110 is the bigger brother of the very popular Asturie 90. This lure has almost a cult status in France where anglers have been smashing bass on it for years. The French fish this lure with some aggression and don't be afraid to try this as it drives the bass crazy. The Asturie is also very effective fished on long slides off a Walk the dog action. Due to the Aero Dynamic shape of the Asturie, it cuts through on the cast with ease.

Brand - Xorus
Model - Asturie 110
Weight - 15g
Type - Topwater/Surface lure
Action - WTD/Long Slides
Hooks - Decoy

The Asturie 110 comes equipped with 2 x Decoy Y-S21 #4 hooks