Xorus Coyote Matt 100g - 120g - 150g (Sold in singles) bass - wrecks - Reefs

£4.50 GBP On Sale

Coyotte heads are the perfect choice, when fishing in strong tidal streams. They are equally as good when fished sink and draw, but also just cranking up from the bottom and then just dumping the bail arm to repeat process. A great jig head for out on the deep water wrecks.

I have been waiting for these larger sized Coyote heads to arrive for a very long time. These heads pair up with most larger Slug or Sandeel type body's and are ideal for deep water vertical fishing over wrecks, and also fishing faster tidal streams and banks.

Sold in singles (per head)

100g 8/0 hook

120g 8/0 hook

150g 8/0 hook